David E. Shane is a director and arts administrator who is committed to creating entertaining and compelling experiences onstage which lead to continued dialogue well beyond the theater walls. 

From David's Statement of Artistic Vision:

"My goal as a director and administrator isn't necessarily to have all the answers – it's to be asking the right questions."

"My artistic process generally begins with a simple question; "why now?" In selecting and directing plays and musicals, I always strive to discover why the piece is relevant to the audience who will attend. Perhaps current events mirror those of the play, perhaps the community receiving the work will relate to the characters in some significant way...or maybe, we're just due for a good laugh! The reasons are many, but my goal is to find a reason why we should present any given play at any given time."

"Above all, I believe that theatre is a collaborative art form. As such, I am very interested in what my fellow artists have to bring to the table. I prefer not to dictate design choices to my design team just as I prefer not to guide an actor through every choice he makes on stage. I'm much more interested in seeing where their instincts take us and allowing them to do what they do best."